WordPress updated to 3.1 with major admin overhaul

WordPress now boast with over 2,000 codes and 820 bugs and feature fixes with the release of  WordPress 3.1
“Reinhardt”. For your convenience, download is easy as one click via your WordPress dashboard or you can download the new version in its entirety here.

The new change is a major overhauled writing interface, which  makes the entire publishing process both more streamlined and less intimidating for new blog users. Come the new Admin Bar that will appear at the top of every page (wordpress mu has this feature already) which makes moving around to your blog’s backend a whole lot more easier to navigate.

One of my favorite blog plugin, is now integrated with this release. Post formats which a long time can be integrated in only with a plugin is much more easier now in a click of a button. That means post types like images, links or quotes can be styled and organized easily.

Believe me, this new feature will eventually increase a significant flexibility among theme release and layouts. This is I think a limitless feature of WordPress.

You can check the WordPress 3.1 Codex page for a more in-depth view.


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