Profile page creative on your Facebook account

A beverage firm called Schweppes provide an easy way to hack your profile page. According to tech blog Mashable, a french artist Andre Oudin discovered the twist of the new layout. The vertical photo slot on the left side or the profile page pics and the five windows to the right were used to make […]

Keeping your online content with reliable blogs – Pingdom

Your blogs content can be easily wiped out in a matter of seconds in case of unreliable blogging service. a web monitoring company  has just recently released a survey on  Blogger,, Typepad, Tumblr and Posterous, I am sure you know these blogging service. According to Pingdom, the service downtime for the blogs: (see […]

How to make money with Payspree

A new way to make money online with affiliate marketing is to simply join affiliate networks and sell products for a commission. Selling others’ product can be very lucrative depending on the product being promoted. Commissions will vary from each product. It can be a 50% or 75% commission of the product price. However, what […]

How to Use Remote Access and Desktop Control on a Browser

Secure Remote Access to a home or office PC has been very limited in the past years and security is sometimes not prioritized. Various RAT (Remote Administration Tool) has been ransacking everywhere. Several hardisk has to be formatted as these tool offer none of the benefits you are looking for. Until this time there were […]

5 New Themes for Gmail.

Gmail release 5 new themes. It got Android, Tree top, Basic Black, Basic White and what caught my attention is the Marker Theme. I have to change my old red theme for Gmail to the Marker Theme.  It’s a little bit neat of a simple combination of white and pastel skyblue. Want more themes? Try […]

Tumblog with Woo Tumblog plugin

I have been a tumblr fanatic for sometime now. This post is made using the only known tumblr style plugin for wordpress called Woo tumblog Plugin. With this plugin you will be posting with the same icons for articles, post, quotes etc. found in tumblr. As we all know, wordpress is still different, in the […]