How to add banners easily without messing a single code in your theme.

Most often bloggers need to add banners to their existing wordpress themes. There are wordpress themes that include an option in the admin panel to add banners either in the header, in the sidebar or within the blogposts. What if you need a quick banner posted right away and your theme does not support an option for it?

First, you may need to dig the code of your theme and put the banner codes to where you want it to appear. Pretty exhaustive since it may not look good if you messed the code.

Another solution is to get a wordpress plugin. I think this one is the best and easy approach for me since codes will only get my eyes red. Now, here comes a free plugin that has been proven to provide solution to my problem of adding banners to my blog.

Maxblogpress has provided a free version of a plugin called Max Banner Ads. MBA for brevity is a plugin created to provide many alternatives in placing banners to my blog anywhere I like to.

Here’s what you get when you download this plugin.

  • Add banners almost anywhere in your blog.
  • Rotate as many banners as you want.
  • Upload banner images from your local computer, the web, or directly link it to from another site.
  • Track banner impressions and banner clicks.
  • Insert banners into the top or bottom of your blog, any way you like
  • Insert banners in sidebars as widgets
  • Insert banners in any post you like, any way you like.
  • Group banners in different zones.
  • Defeat ad blindness by showing ads at different location every time a page is loaded.

Advertisement blindness, sometimes can cause a decreasing CTR. With this plugin, advertisement blindness can be cured since this tool will rotate randomly into different blog readers thus helping your CTR.

So go ahead and download the powerful WordPress plugin Max Banner Ads by MaxBlogPress if you want to place banners on your blog easily and in any way you like.

PS. The Pro version has an option to remove “Powered by Max Banner Ads” You can get the Max Banner Ads Pro for free here.

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