Archive | October, 2010

Tumblog with Woo Tumblog plugin

I have been a tumblr fanatic for sometime now. This post is made using the only known tumblr style plugin for wordpress called Woo tumblog Plugin. With this plugin you will be posting with the same icons for articles, post, quotes etc. found in tumblr. As we all know, wordpress is still different, in the […]

How to add great looking snipets for your post.

I was really amazed with Thesis Theme and at the same time those users especially those who are using customize child themes. There are certain blog post being highlighted and in a manner that it has a great looking box – a css customization. Upon investigation with blog experiments. I came up with my conclusion […]

URL Shortener by Google

Google finally joined the bandwagon on url shorteners. Google released its own version of url shorteners. URL shortenter are actually a shorter link to a longer domain or website url. Basically, a http redirect on a domain name. So if you have a link something like this it can be posted as […]