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Download Youtube Music Downloader for Free

            A colleague of mine wanted to download movies from Youtube for her father. I did manage to tell her about various addons that works pretty well with Firefox. However, there are addons that gets outdated every time Youtube implemented changes on their site. The best approach for now is […]

How to Use Remote Access and Desktop Control on a Browser

Secure Remote Access to a home or office PC has been very limited in the past years and security is sometimes not prioritized. Various RAT (Remote Administration Tool) has been ransacking everywhere. Several hardisk has to be formatted as these tool offer none of the benefits you are looking for. Until this time there were […]

5 New Themes for Gmail.

Gmail release 5 new themes. It got Android, Tree top, Basic Black, Basic White and what caught my attention is the Marker Theme. I have to change my old red theme for Gmail to the Marker Theme.  It’s a little bit neat of a simple combination of white and pastel skyblue. Want more themes? Try […]

URL Shortener by Google

Google finally joined the bandwagon on url shorteners. Google released its own version of url shorteners. URL shortenter are actually a shorter link to a longer domain or website url. Basically, a http redirect on a domain name. So if you have a link something like this it can be posted as […]